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its_all_gravy's Journal

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x. its all gravy .x
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It's All Gravy

We're all about HTML & LJ Journals. We'll help you design your journal, and best of all its free!

We have rules, follow them or you will be banned. Some with warning, some without.


1.If you're going to do a really long entry *please* use the LJ cut tag! Thank you.
The LJ Cut tag is: < lj cut="Text Here"> (Remove the space at the front)

2. Please don't post surveys. Post those in your own journals. Thanks :)

3. Be helpful, don't tell people things that you aren't sure about. If you're not sure, ask someone that might know.

4. Just be considerate of others. I'm not going to say you have to be nice to everyone or shut up, but just don't be rude to people who aren't/weren't rude to you to begin with. Thanks :)

Last, but not least. This community is maintained by passionatemer & beckylicious, if you have any questions just ask

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