DA LiL PrinceSS (dalilprincess) wrote in its_all_gravy,
DA LiL PrinceSS

Some1 Help Me PLEASE

I started downloading paint shop pro 7 last nite i woke up this morning im totally lost lol, but i kno if i play around with stuff for a while i always learn i have 2 different picture tubes downloaded which i kno how to use but i want to download some brushes....i had a site with a bunch on there but now i cant find any for some reason!

*~*someone help please i need brushes for psp*~*
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I have some brushes - not a lot, but some, maybe 50 or so - for PSP 7. Email me & remind me - I'll have to find them on my disks. I'll look for some sites, too, as I like brushes over tubes. adultramblings@therapids.net